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Message Subject Jesse Jackson, Wright 'arranged' Obama marriage
Poster Handle Masamune1969
Post Content
"In 1991, during their engagement to be married, top Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett, then serving as the deputy chief of staff to Mayor Richard M. Daley, hired Michelle to a job in the mayor’s office.

“Michelle hated working for the city even more than she hated working at Sidley Austin,” Robyn told WND.

“At the law firm, she lasted so short of a time because they expected her to do work,” Robyn said. “At the City of Chicago, where she worked under Mayor Daley, Michelle had one of those ‘Jesse hires’ positions. These are patronage jobs where the recipients did nothing.”

Robyn claimed that while working for Daley, Michelle just collected a check, doing very little work.

“She sat at a desk and read the newspaper all day,” Robyn said. “Sometimes she read romance novel paperbacks. No one could say anything to her because she was a ‘Jesse hire.’ This meant if anyone did complain about her not working that Jesse Jackson would get mad at Daley over that, and there would be trouble.”

DAMN. I believe this article - I don't believe everything I read but this whole timeline makes way more sense than anything I've read to date.

It's beyond scary to ponder the planning required to pull this off, over DECADES, and WHY it is so important.

 Quoting: Project_Deimos

Yes its enough to make the blood run cold when you try to comprehend the evil genious behind such an insidious plan..

whoever his paymasters are they are not gonna let Obama blow his 2nd term just cos Romney kicked his arse in the debate - no way !!
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