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Message Subject Jesse Jackson, Wright 'arranged' Obama marriage
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I've always thought O leaned a bit lavender, especially doubted emotional intimacy with Michelle.
Whenever you see pics of the two out and about he never walks with her, holds her hand or is looking/relating to her with fondness the way husbands and wives do. You'll see him holding hands with the children but never her. There is an obvious and odd disconnect between them.
Of course you're going to see a few "staged" moments of "intimacy" and these do look staged.
I think she loves him though.
I have imagined what it's like for a woman to have a gay husb because your gender is rejected and that's something you can't do anything about to fix it.

Being raised the way he was perhaps he identified with his mother and competed for a similar affection or sought fulfillment for the absent father figure.

But he seems somehow dead inside..expression flat which he deliberately animates, to me in an unconvincing way that tells us it's not coming from inside at all. Like he can't feel much.
So I don't think this dude has a sense of who he is, where it's a bunch of ideas but little from the heart. NOthing from the heart.

Don't get me wrong,different topic, but romney is just as disturbing for other reasons.
 Quoting: DawaSatso

ITA she seems so love addicted to him, and he doesn't seem to have that same type of love for her..

She has had, what appears to be, a lot of plastic surgery since her school days, and when she first met him.

Narcissistic personalities are so in love with themselves they have little love left for anyone else.

Glad you brought this subject up..I have been noticing so much "strained" body language between the two of them. The night of the debate, Drudge had a picture front and center. There was a physical and emotional distance between the two.

I have seen him show displays of affection to her, but it's the type a woman usually has with her best guy friend.

I think his ability to change persona's from black to white culture is a direct result of his upbringing.
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