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Message Subject Ohio - Romney up 51 % Obama 48 % - Change You Can BELIEVE IN!
Poster Handle beeches
Post Content
Please if you're in Ohio go out and help the GOP. I grew up in the Youngstown/Warren area and believe me they are brainwashed by the democrats. My feed on FB from friends back home is killing me right now. I have tried and tried to talk to people who I thought had common sense and I'm hitting a wall. Let's put it this way. I was deleted as a friend the other night by my own aunt because she's a hard core liberal. HELP THOSE PEOPLE OVER THERE, ESPECIALLY IN THE NE PART OF THE STATE!!!!!
 Quoting: Anonymous Cow Herder

You are right. My mother is from that area.
She is elderly and obammaba walks on water for her.
He could kill his family and she would explain it away.
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