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Message Subject Ohio - Romney up 51 % Obama 48 % - Change You Can BELIEVE IN!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Too bad the Republican party has been hijacked by neocons and extremists.

If Romney is really up to 51%, I'm surprised. I'm on the mailing list for the local Romney campaign and even they know they're losing control.

Ohio is always an interesting one since it has so many pro-democratic universities, but the countryside in-between is dotted with small villages full of retirees and farmers who generally worship Fox News and don't pay attention to spin or bias from either side.

I know, I've lived all over the state. I can't believe the Romney numbers since locally he is doing poorly and even in the smaller local communities he doesn't seem to be sitting well with retirees and veterans that I've seen.

I just love how desperate the Republicans are this election cycle, damn near everything he says is a lie that he flips on at the drop of a hat. You think that will change if he's in office?

Ron Paul would have been the best candidate, but we lost that fight. I stopped supporting the Red party wholly when it became what amounts to an American terrorist cell thanks to the 'values' of neoconservatives.
GOD BLESS! JESUS! HEAL US! THE LORD GIVES YOU SACRED BABIES! EVEN THROUGH RAPE! HALLELUJAH! WAR AGAINST THE NONBELIVERS! LET'S USE OUR BIBLE TO LEAD A COUNTRY! ....cause that's always a solid plan moving into the future. Definitively will lead to Scientific advancement and enlightenment.
...Not to say that I support Obama, I have more than my fair share of problems with him, but I would rather he be in office another 4 years over Romney.yeahsure
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