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That Cranky Old Cat May Have Alzheimer’s

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10/05/2012 11:40 AM
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That Cranky Old Cat May Have Alzheimer’s
That incessant meowing and aimless walk in the old cat may be a lot more than a sign of feline aging.
Japanese scientists have discovered in the brain of wild cats protein deposits found in human Alzheimer’s patients, according to a study published in the science journal Plos One, providing new clues into the feline aging process.
In the study, researchers examined the carcasses of 14 Tsushima Leopard cats, endangered species living on the western Japanese island of Tsushima. Brain tissue from five of them contained Neurofibrillary tangles or NFT, a protein commonly found in human Alzheimer’s patients but rarely found in animals, according to researchers.
The study also detected traces of the peptide AB42, also known to cause mental deterioration.
“If we closely compare changes in the brain among many different animals, we may be able to contribute to a study into the mechanism of the disease,” James Chambers, an assistant professor of veterinary pathology at the University of Tokyo, told Kyodo News.

Read more [link to abcnews.go.com]