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Message Subject The United States needs to also ban hunting. People need to love all animals and go vegan
Poster Handle eaglewolf
Post Content
Well as an animal activist , Bald Eagles are protected under the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act, wolves are suppose to be but they are now permitted to hunt and kill them in certain states ...not only do they cowardly shoot them from planes, they toss poison in their dens and many times the babies are left to die. Gray wolves in Wyoming lost their Endangered Species Act leaving them to unregulated killing in most of the state.

I see nothing wrong with hunting for food as long as it is NEEDED and as long as the animal does not suffer.

There are many species that are protected and should not be hunted or killed.

[link to worldwildlife.org]

Please remember to clean up after your mess hunters because if you've never seen a Bald Eagle suffer a horrible painful death from lead poisoning, you don't want too. It's not pretty. Clean up your fishing lines too because they do serious damage to animals.

Watch Earthlings and learn how badly animals are being treated for food , their fur and entertainment.

Be responsible.
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