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Message Subject The United States needs to also ban hunting. People need to love all animals and go vegan
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Bieng an avid hunter I uld have to disagree with the op. Some people live in a fairytail world and I guess they prefer it as such. A responcible hunter actually contributes more to nature than he takes away. I maintain food plots for all local wild life year round by setting out corn, clover patches, oats and mineral licks that not only feed the deer but also birds, turkey, boar, squirrels and basically everything else that comes along. Of course I do set these things out to keep game in the area for when I hunt but I also do it to encourage a healthy growing population of wildlife. it is an misconception and a stereotype to assume that all hunters walk around killing everything they see. I, along with every other hunter I know tend to skip over young deer and females to ensure population stays in a trend that maintains healthy numbers. Also, most hunters actually love nature believe it or not. We tend to not break limbs, stomp bushes, burn forests or make roads through the woods regardless of what some dumbasses would have you believe. I do not see nothing wrong with hunting for food or sport if you donate the meat and observe the laws of man and nature. Trust me when I say that the last thing a poacher wants to happen is to be caught in the woods killing shit just for the horns or skin by a group of real hunters. They probably would not be walking away. Also, to all of you screaming that we should all go vegan, do you have any idea how much your lettuce and pranut butter would increase in price if that happend.
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