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Message Subject BREAKING: New Artillery Exchange Between Syria and Turkery - Both Sides Firing!! Erdogan says "Not Far from War"!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Birth pangs of Armageddon.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24643533

All the players are on stage, including Russia (By treaty with Iran and an 'important to them' naval base in Syria).
I think the Chinese have also rattled sabers about siding with Iran (Persia) in the event of an attack.
The Turkish have several US military bases on their soil and the Turkish are moderate Islamist's at this point, but will that last?
I think we will see a popular uprising by Muslim zealots in Turkey and a power struggle between Islam fundies vs Moderate Islamic politicians, sponsored by Iran and it's allies, perhaps?
But i'm just guessing as an interested observer.
It is also interesting that a huge Comet is coming in, the brightest in modern history perhaps and a pretty good chunk of Asteroid will be coming well into Earths gravitational pull around February 15th. Could one of them be Wormwood of the book of Revelations ?
The Mayan re-set is around 12/21/2012 !
Most Christians will ignore the Mayans as heathens to be ignored, i do not.
God moves in mysterious ways.
And several other prophesies have a 12/2012 end point,so I'm led to believe.
Even McKennas time wave zero, based on the I-CHING is pretty interesting at this point.
The prophesies of St Malachi appear to be quite accurate and we may be one Pope away from Peter of Rome ?
I only put faith in Biblical prophesy but do not discount the possibility that other sources may have been used by the Creator himself to Pre-warn.
Confucius is often misquoted, he said, "May you be blessed to live in dull times" (We do not live in dull times,any longer.)
I can think of a few interesting times in history, Stalingrad, the great plague, French revolution, WW1,WW2, for a few examples, (Not Dull but often deadly).
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