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Message Subject Now Harry Reid is Telling MORE Outright Lies about Romney
Poster Handle dschis1000
Post Content
Hey I've said it before. Romney has been telling everyone the grass is blue for months now. Now he says it's purple. I've seen lying politicians before, but man...if you go for it fine.
 Quoting: dschis1000

Sarge, Surely you're not saying Obama hasn't been doing the same and worse!
 Quoting: Bluebird

Look at all the news networks not just Fox. I can dig some of the videos. You know about the 47% one I'm sure.

I listened to the debate until Romney said that he wasn't going to gut Social Security and the thing with the tax cut. Oh and what he said about Obamacare. He lies this much over a span of a few months I have no use for him. What's he going to do while he's in office.
I'm a former Mormon and I know the responsibilities of A bishop and a state president in the LDS. He's not even a good Mormon IMO. There is some debate within the LDS about Republican policies and they probably reflect mine. Romney by himself would probably be OK, but the neo-cons and the wing nutted tea partiers...I just can't. I would go into the reasons why...
Tell you what look at the White Horse prophecy of the Mormons. That's part of it.

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