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Message Subject I brought down a ufo - please read
Post Content

oh,god,too many to mention.
 Quoting: lupa14714

We all have a signature

Once again, i am a respectful woman in my community, well known, and i am a person of honour, i would not lie about this.

How do you excpect us to take photos when it is in a pitch black field miles from anywhere??
 Quoting: Hansel 19463839

First of all...idiot...in your original post you said it happened LAST NIGHT....which means day would have already come. I think what annoys me the most about this thread is the fact that u cant keep your lies straight even when they are there for you to read to make sure u keep your story strait. And again....in ur first post you were a man...and a few posts later u said ur wife heard the bang.
 Quoting: BB 25020099

Dude calm down..Bernard is a pet troll of this site..Play along, it gets funny
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