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Message Subject WTF is wrong with this chick??
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Actually, I saw her the other day on something else where she was demonstrating how she does the eye makeup to achieve that huge doe eye effect.

She makes herself into a living anime character ... she even lost weight to have the waif look. She's a real person and all of the "distortions" are done with makeup. She puts on the makeup in the morning and stays that way all day ... she lives/breathes anime.

EDITED: after posting the above, I saw more videos someone had embedded in this thread. Sorry - the "person" in this thread is different from whom I was referring to. So ... disregard my post.

I have NO clue if the person in this thread is real or not ... can't be real. None of the pictures are clear ... they are all blurry and such. Heck ... I don't know ... the things people do these days. *shrugs*
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