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Message Subject DOOM- ON!!! DIESEL OFFICIALLY HIT $6.00 in Cali... Watch nation come to screeching halt!
Poster Handle Geochemist
Post Content
Why don’t you people start reading. There is a series of refinery problems due to fire damage, limited supply, retooling form Summer to Winter blends etc. The problems should be resolved shortly but Kalifornia refuses to allow more refineries in the State, mandate ridiculous “blend” requirements (or they could just ship from other refineries), etc. When you walk a knifes edge on the supply / demand game sometimes you are going to get burned.

It stuns me that no one seems to understand where the energy they rely on for daily existence comes from or how it is produced/refined. Instead they sit around and bitch about its someone else’s fault. It’s not. Just look in the fucking mirror for the problem.

BTW diesel is high this time of year due to retooling for the production of winter heating oil.

“It's a combination of low inventories and multiple California refinery problems,"
“The problem is likely a short-term one according to some as the temporary shutdown of local refineries (after Chevron's Richmond refinery fire) and maintenance is completed…”

[link to www.zerohedge.com]

[link to www.zerohedge.com]

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