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Message Subject DOOM- ON!!! DIESEL OFFICIALLY HIT $6.00 in Cali... Watch nation come to screeching halt!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

And the president needs to be jailed for allowing such huge gouging in the first place. Step up, defend America's working class and drill here if need be. Stop with all the crap about other nations getting rich off our backs. Oh...and in case you all hand't noticed...those nations getting rich are the most commonly associated with terrorism! So...we're funding world terrorism by paying these higher prices. Nice!
 Quoting: American Trappers, LLC

the re-election of Barak Obama will mark the dawning
of the Socialist Spring for america -- and the American Dream
will finally be realized for all its people.
 Quoting: dr.einstein

LOL You are a fucking Communist!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 17851333

no. i'm a Socialist. and i'm educated enough to know the difference.
 Quoting: dr.einstein

Oh, you're educated? By whom? The Commies that convinced you that you are a socialist?
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