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Message Subject Obama Campaign 'Shifting Strategy' After Debate, Going THE FULL ALINSKY Now!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Yesterday I read an article that said David Axelrod has been on the phone to MSM getting them to all "Get behind OBummer" in what ever and how ever they can do so..

Today I read that Diane Sawyer will be the first to interview him since the debate...

As far as I know, even though he kicked hinny, the only person to interview Mitt since then has been Hannity on Fox..I could be wrong, if I am please enlighten me..

Now, their dirty tricks get better, Drudge has on his front page a link to an article that states two upper level economists at the Bureau of Labor Statistics are big time donators to the OBummer campaign and the Democratic Party..

[link to freebeacon.com]

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