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Message Subject Obama Campaign 'Shifting Strategy' After Debate, Going THE FULL ALINSKY Now!
Poster Handle PravdaDemocrat
Post Content

It will be fun to watch as they implode and begin to feed upon themselves.

That phase has already begun, with many liberal critics increasingly throwing Jim Leherer under the bus - one even saying that he was "too old and too white" to be handling these debates. Adding insult to injury, the CEO of PBS wouldn't even come out to defend him.

Jim is an established liberal elite, and one of the cornerstones of the party's (original) foundation, so for them to begin feeding on him just tells me that they're in their dying throws.

Can't wait to see how much farther down the hole they dive...their gig is already up, and the American people finally see them for what they are - so anything further will only translate into how long (how many generations) it will take for them to regain any credibility if at all.
 Quoting: SaveUSa

PBS CEO Paula Kerger is a BIG-TIME Obamabot, and life-long liberal activist.

Her BASE pay is $632,233, plus around $350,000 a year in "other considerations". SHE MAKES A MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR, THAT YOU ARE PAYING FOR...
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