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Message Subject Why do people admire Steve Jobs? He was a cruel, demanding control freak.
Poster Handle Keep2theCode
Post Content
No, they haven't. You're just another scum-sucking shill trying to find a sob story no one would dare refute.

Well I refute it. I HAVE worked with autistic kids. Real ones, not the "spectrum-disorder" behavioral brats suffering from narcissism and too much antidepressants. And iPads meant NOTHING to a genuinely autistic child, because they won't even fucking recognize it as existing.

So "autism-light" kids like it? Of course they do - they like ALL computers and gaming systems, just like a billion other people.

And for someone not pushing Apple stuff, you sure were quick to say "iPad" instead of "tablet" computer.

By the way, Steve Jobs had as much use for your precious autistic kids as he would for fertilizer in his garden - and to him, the reason would be the same.

Go suck a jackboot somewhere else, and at least admit to yourself you like the taste of leather, instead of dragging innocent disabled kids into your depraved groveling.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1610534

Speaking of drama queens...

Get a grip, people! I simply noted that not EVERYTHING Apple or Jobs is terrible. You all act like I just shouted 'fire' in a crowded theater. Take your meds, quick!
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