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Message Subject Plants Feel Pain Vegans! Now What Will You Eat? Fools.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Plants respond to music and feel pain according to science so I guess by your definition you are a murderer just like a person who eats meat.

So the question is ...WTF NOW BITCH!!!???
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 13725379

No, that's just bullshit used by looneys like you to bash vegans/vegetarians for the sake of trolling people who think differently. You surely have a severe inferiority complex if you ridiculize yourself giving credit to such unfounded, biased and laughable theories. I'm sure your obsessions don't stop to vegans, maybe yesterday you were trying to mask your inferiority complex bashing immigrants, gays, women, am I right? I really think I am. Back on tracks, as it is true plants can respond to external stimuli and act accordingly (for their own sake of survival) it's totally bullshit they can feel pain or listen to music or something even similar to human fashion of feeling pain. Rather than speaking of pain we should speak of plant stress (biological stress), that's a lot of a different concept, even rocks can respond to stress (and break due to physical stress), let me remind you plants simply lack the complex structures (organs) that allow them to feel pain or conscious thinking etc. etc. Plants live, that's for sure, but it's a whole different way of life compared to humans, trying to compare the pain of a cattle being brutally slaughtered alive (yep, jews and muslims do that) with a broccoli salad truly exposes your lack of arguments and your delusional attitude. I would never trust a "scientist" trying to prove that rocks have a social hierarchy or that salads worldwide are conspiring for the total annihilation of human race; free to research what they want, but at least let me laugh at the idea of zucchini with headphones or cauliflowers headbanging to Slayer.

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