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Message Subject The only way Obama and the Antichrist System will be brought down is the WORD OF THE LIVING GOD.
Poster Handle flashlight
Post Content


Why did I even start? You just go on your merry way with your fairy tales.
 Quoting: flashlight

You started out with a LIE and that is why you quit.

GOD's TRUTH always knocks down a lie in a heartbeat...

 Quoting: christian

No I quit because trying to send you a message is like talking to a wall. You're impossibly lost.
 Quoting: flashlight

This thread was not about sending messages...

This is about the TRUTH of GOD...

Your message holds no water agaisnt GOD's truth...

However if you just want to send nice messages to say

Have a GOOD DAY...that is nice...

 Quoting: christian

No I think I will send you a message that might break through your impossibly thick skull:

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