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Message Subject LADIES: I'm Single !!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Why do you want to waste your time mixing with American or western women? They are SCUM.

Better you only date foreign women like Asians, Russians, Spanish women, and so on.

Avoid western women like the plague, they are all brainwashed by man hating feminism. White women are the worst.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25021286

Sure, go on assuming that whatever you've seen on TV is what's true for every single American woman.

American women are variant, just like in every other damned country. There is no way to generalize. There are some horrible bitches, yes, just like in every other damned country. But there are some who are brilliant, gorgeous, interesting, and full of personality, just like in every other damned country.

I have met women from other countries who act insanely entitled, like they should be given everything for nothing. Women, who are bitchy like I've never seen, and who make nasty comments non-stop as though that's all they live for. Don't say America changed them. These women hadn't been here long before I'd met them. Half of them were total sluts, ruining their jobs flirting, playing games with the men. Do I blame their country? No. I'm not saying I've never met American women who are this way. Of course I have, many times. I don't even hate them for it, in fact, I was friends with some of them. This is called being human.

I've lived in many states in the US and met many, many women who were bursting with personality, charm, beauty, and intelligence. Fun, playful, interesting women. Stop assuming one country is better than others as far as humans go. We all have "good" and "bad" people, male and female.
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