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Message Subject THE APRIL JONES CASE: Is the British police incompetent, sloppy, lazy or they are purposely stalling investigations to protect pedos?
Poster Handle UndercoverAlien
Post Content

AGAIN, the mighty Scotland Yard miserably FAILED in find a little girl abducted and murdered by pedophiles! AGAIN, we're seeing the EXACT same delay in the investigations, just like in the murder of Tia Sharp during the London Olympics. The cops raided her grandma's house 4 fucking times and didn't find her body, what's hard to believe considering that it's the elite police force of a rich and arrogant European nation.

That's why I'm totally convinced that these apparent careless and sloppy investigations, are purposely delaying standard police procedures to protect the perps and give them time until these little girls are ritualistic sacrificed. I can't see other explanation.
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