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Subject Scientist won't allow EU agency to check GM findings
Poster Handle Fhirinne
Post Content
The French scientist who linked Monsanto genetically-modified corn to cancer in rats on Thursday refused to let the EU's food safety watchdog, EFSA, verify his results. "It's out of the question that those who authorised (Monsanto's) NK603 carry out a counter-study of our findings as there'd be a conflict of interest," Gilles-Eric Seralini said at a news conference at the European Parliament. EFSA, which authorises the sale and planting of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms), was asked by the European Union executive Wednesday for an opinion as soon as possible, hopefully by year's end, on a study headed by Seralini.

Read more at: [link to phys.org]

Totally agree with this line.

"We don't want people who authorised GMOs to be carrying out the counter-study."
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