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Message Subject US Postal Service defaults. Fate lies with Congress...Again!! And Again!! and...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
these payments are for future retiree health care benefits
75 years into the future, the have to pay 6 billion a
year for the next ten years for this. This setup was put
into place by republicans in 2006, to insure a default.
The USPS is not now nor was it ever meant to be a business
that made profit,it was a service for the people, and
has been in place since the country was born.
They found a way to kill it and chop it up for business
to make money from it, its a shame...alot of postal
employees are ex military, it gave them a decent paying
job and a way to feel as though they still were serving
their country.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 22124161

Right on the mark save for one aspect.

Were it my own writing, I would have chosen to simply state that the setup was put into place by politicians. Democrats did nothing to backtrack on this when they had ample opportunity with a majority.

Politicians are destroying the most profound aspects of America, and you are buying into the partisan BS that one side is more to blame than the other.

Every single one of them is against you, whether they rally with the side you vote for or not.
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