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Message Subject What IS that? (pic)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
nuke plant steam turbine
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24990026

This is along the lines of what I think it is. Whatever it is it is definitely NOT a drill of any sort I am pretty sure of that...
 Quoting: Billy_Sastard

really too huge to be a drill head, even a tunnel borer. if you look at the pic, barge bow side has multiple flanges. stern side has one HUGE flange, and a flow smoothing cone. also notice that the ring-like portions of the body are 2 different sizes, with what appears to be some type of very large panel mounted between them in the "wasp waist" section. the 2 ring portions are a compound turbine (smaller high pressure, larger low pressure). the "panel" is the actual gen set. that is a mac daddy of a set-up, it really resembles a siemens rig i found a pic of (the pic only had the high side turbine though, so i didnt bother to post a link). one way for OP to find out is check out the tug company logo on his full size pic, and call and ask. if the tuggies dont know, they can tell what barge company it was, and they WILL know without a doubt. just takes a polite phone call or 2
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