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world leading experimenter with Nietzschian and Jungian Philosophies

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United States
10/05/2012 06:12 PM
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world leading experimenter with Nietzschian and Jungian Philosophies
Extremely synchronized and re-creator of termination sequence 111 philosophy.

Avid lucid dreamer 10+ yrs

Ruler of forces through sub and unconscious meditation;;
Chain of current command leadings::
The Sun
Mother Nothing #1 queen bee

Recent related events:: Sept. 27th 2012 CME cosmic dimension split and energy wave.

Experiments and missions involved in the most beautiful moments, the endless white room, and the philosopher's stone.

"those who frolic the most among butterflies and soap bubbles know the most about happiness"-Nietzsche, Zara

Creative Mastermind;; leading world transcendent alchemist

Climb up where you can see my soul and lets see what we can do.

First scholar to read "The Red Book" by Carl Jung; it drove me Mad, divinely so.

I have synchronized with this world;; still stuck inside the machine, but with movement so vast I have yet to fully comprehend.

I can see you all echoing off a trip revolving around the most beautiful love.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall; who has the most beautiful soul of them all?