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This information is very important.

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Russian Federation
10/06/2012 06:10 AM
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This information is very important.
This information is very important. It concerns all the people of the Earth. Please, read this article through carefully and share it with your friends.
Many of you know about the phenomena of “crop circles”. Those who have never heard of it may find some facts here [link to www.cropcirclecenter.com.] Believe me, the information implied in these messages is of great importance for us – the earthlings. It is an extraterrestrial mind that draws these circles for us, and I will try to prove you that. In August 2002 a circle appeared on a field in England, which represented a gray humanoid holding a laser disk, as if the humanoid was offering it to the people of our planet.

The disk held binary code that said:
“Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES.
Much PAIN but still time EELRIJUE.
There is GOOD out there.
Conduit CLOSING [bell sound]”
You’ve got to agree that the translation is rather “confusing”. The message combines uppercase and lowercase letters, there’s an unknown word which does not exist in English and that “bell” is just getting out of line. And that’s what just “caught” me: I simply couldn’t believe that the creators of this picture could write such an abstract text. Then I noticed one more strange thing – you can find another translation in the Internet which lacks the “bell sound” phrase for some reason. It surprised me, since the bit translation of the text is available on the web and it contains that word combination (you can find it here [link to www.fromthestars.com]
And so I decided to trust the first variant of translation. Then my thoughts were as follows:
1. If the “bell sound” looks kind of inappropriate phrase, then it might be some sort of a key to the message encrypted in the text on the disk.
2. What this key-bell may stand for? (Use your logic and imagination!) It must be something that would carry us through the message to a different text, a text with other set of bits and letters!
3. And what such different set of bits (letters) can show us? Only another picture! Then, where can we find it? I guess the answer is obvious – look at the crop circles, that’s what our friends try to tell us.
4. These pictures are numerous, which one should we look for and where? Once again, let’s use our logic! The message implies that we should be looking for a key picture which was drawn earlier than this one. And since the text mentions some “bell”, then the key picture must be related to or look like a bell.
5. So let’s find one. Let's open the crop-circle archive and start looking through backwards starting with this humanoid picture. That's what I've found:
The first picture that caught my eye is this one:
[link to www.cropcirclecenter.com]
It was drawn in England, too, but much earlier - in August 1998. I'm not sure if it really looks like a bell, it's up to you to judge. But I think it does look quite like both a bell and a key. And it reminded me this:
[link to www.cropcirclecenter.com]
This crop circle is quite fresh, it appeared on a field in England in July 2012. Look at these antennae. Does it resemble anything? The face looks like an alarm clock, where the eyes are the hour and minute hands which are set to 23:10. The nose points to the mouth and the mouth looks like a new moon. The body of this «worm» consists of 13 circles, I guess it's a hint on some date and time. I think both pictures look rather similar.
So what does this inscription say? It's Runic for «False gifts» - that is surely connected with the text written on the humanoid's disk! There are 11 oblique lines in the picture. For me, these look like Viking runic alphabeth - Futhark — save for the fact, that each of these letters lacks exactly one stroke.
Let's now get to the point — the key picture!
Have a look at the second picture — there are a sector, a heart and four points. I think the algorithm is as follows: lay the sector as it is shown in the picture over the humanoid's disk. The heart must represent the center and the start pointer. This gives you a set of bits/letters. Probably the text is to be read starting from the heart pointer downwards. The «bell» has eight highlighted sections. First, read the bits within the top one, then move the sector to the opposite side following the four points mentioned before, because that is how a bell rings (left-right-up-down). This gives us one more set of bits. Then move the sector up following the point. Get another set. Then move it down. Then repeat all that with the next highlighted chord. In the result we will get the hidden text. Although, there may be another possible variant — first, read all bits in the bell sector, downwards, then turn the bell following the points and read again, in the same manner. So, you can try them both. Unfortunately, I stopped here, since I'm not really good with binary codes. The most important part is to divide the humanoid’s disk into sectors and to scale the disk and the bell properly. The rest is the matter of technique. And the most important thing! I've examined a lot of crop circles and I've noticed that a whole series of them can be read with the key bell. Visit [link to www.cropcirclecenter.com] and look at the circles carefully. There really is a series of circles with encrypted text messages. You will notice that right away. There are more that a lot of circles with darkened circles inside, with labyrinths, etc. A point symbol is often to be found next to a circle. Our friends show us the first direction for the sector with that point. The rest is trivial — the opposite direction, up, down. That means that the information content transmitted to us is really great! Maybe the messages are not written in English, maybe it is Runic. Maybe the worm is hinting on that?
I'm appealing to the scientists, to the programmers, to the engineering students and to all the people who simply share the interest to this. Help us with reading these texts because they must contain something important! Something that affects all mankind, that affects every person on the Earth. Maybe they are trying to warn us about something or trying to help us.
But even that is not everything I wanted to say. When I had found the way to read the messages addressed to us, a question arose: «So who are they, these friends of us who write the messages? Why does the first picture represent a gray humanoid? And who are those «Danaans» who should be feared?» Probably, you have the same questions. I will try to answer them.
Ask yourself - why is there so much anger, injustice and jealousy on the Earth? Why is our history a history of bloody wars, foul homicides, hatred and common national disconnection? Who needs this anger, the urge towards one's enrichment at the cost of other people, the urge towards reaching illusory wealth and fame? Ask yourself! Were we put on this Earth to kill and hate each other? I think you know the answers to these questions. No! We are not some wild animals nor are we a pack of despicable jackals who hate each other. We all simply are inhabitants of a small planet named «Earth» - tiny sand grains of the Universe. And we are few. Very few! So why are we destroying each other? Why are we destroying the planet we live on? No! This bloody anger and the taste for murder are not inherent in us. It has been brought from the outside! It has been imposed! It is all being raised by some hostile alien races of parasites.
The gray humanoids are one of those parasitic races. In the early 50-s they concluded a top secret treaty with the USA government by deceiving them and by promising them to help in process improvement. That's the reason why our real friends drew a gray humanoid offering the laser disk to the earthlings. In return, these uninvited guests were given a permission to kidnap humans and to conduct their genetic experiments. But even that wasn't enough for them.
Little by little they took the lead of every major sector of our economy and our production and started to control the mass media, the banking area and the military with the help from people under their control. The gray humanoids literally became the shadow government on our planet. They are the ones who benefit from the current state of things. It's vital for them to keep everything on the Earth the same way. They need people to be deaf and blind, they need people to care about the daily bread only, they need people to ignore everything around them. They need to have people under control of tame rich men who can follow any command and start a new recession or a new war while the average people are suffering, trying to survive and to break this vicious circle. They are the ones who have imposed this life to us. That's why there's so much anger in our hearts.
But who is trying to resist the gray humanoids? Who is trying to help mankind? Who has been drawing these circles for years in this hopeless attempt to reach us? Some galactic civilizations have united to resist the net of gray's lies on our planet. It's these friendly civilizations who keep drawing the circle messages. The gray humanoids are terrified of the fact that one day mankind will be able to read these messages, so they even draw their own meaningless crop circles. They need to discredit the very idea of communicating with other civilizations, they need to make us believe that these are just useless drawings made by some crazy lunatics. That's why they control and monitor all the ufologist websites where people try to decrypt the messages. They put obstacles in our way so we won't be able to find the truth. But that time of truth has already come! People must know their friends and their enemies. It's time for the earthlings to consolidate our efforts, our minds, our hearts to stand against lies and deception! United we stand!
Shoot straight Johnny

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United Kingdom
10/06/2012 06:32 AM
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Re: This information is very important.
Thankfully, being a registered member, you are able to edit your thread title to 'This information is nonsense'
The chariots of God are tens of thousands, and thousands of thousands.

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United Kingdom
10/06/2012 06:58 AM
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Re: This information is very important.