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PETA Protests Pokemon Tournament!!

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 20610884
10/06/2012 07:46 AM
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PETA Protests Pokemon Tournament!!

[link to waldo.darkdata.org]
PETA Protests Pokemon Tournament

In a show of solidarity with all animals great, small, and digital, PETA today picketed the monthly Pokemon tournament at a local collectable cards and games shop in suburban Colorado Springs. Mirroring demonstrations held earlier this month to protest the practice of competitive underground dog-fighting, protestors held signs depicting the horrible downside of the sport and encouraged parents not to allow their children to be involved in the activity.

In the game of Pokemon, children are encouraged to breed and raise various types of pets, and then have them fight against one another in order to gain new skills. PETA officials have alledged that, while seemingly innocent, this series of games is nothing more than a training ground for a future generation of dog-fighting entrepreneurs. Holding signs showing deformed Pikachu, maimed Typhlosii, and Larvitar buried in mass graves, the protestors blocked entrance to the tournament until riot police finally dispersed them with tear gas.

Crazy mofos!