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SKorea to extend missile range!! Beijing will be in range!!

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 20610884
10/06/2012 08:01 AM
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SKorea to extend missile range!! Beijing will be in range!!
Ah yeah!

[link to rt.com]
US gives nod to 800km-range S. Korean missiles – reports

The US is to allow its ally South Korea develop ballistic missiles with more than double the range it is allowed to deploy today, reports say. The proliferation-harming move is meant as a reaction to Pyongyang’s military build-up.

The future announcement on Sunday by the Korean government will present the move in response to North Korea’s ballistic missile program, reports Reuters citing a US State Department notice to lawmakers.

Seoul has been seeking permission for years to expand the range limit for its ballistic missiles from the current 300km. The limit was set by a military alliance pact with the US, which hosts some 28,500 of its troops in Korea and is obliged to intervene militarily should the country be attacked.

Earlier, South Korean new agency Yonhap reported that Seoul would be allowed to deploy missiles with the range of up to 800km. This is likely to give a second thought to North Korea, but also to China and Japan, which would be within range of 800km South Korean missiles.

North-western SKorea to Beijing : 790 km...

Doom is on!