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LOOK: Amazing Retro Photos Of The First-Ever McDonald's

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10/06/2012 09:56 AM
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LOOK: Amazing Retro Photos Of The First-Ever McDonald's
McDonald's First Location In San Bernardino, California 1940s (PHOTOS)

Take McDonald's. Once upon a time, the global behemoth was a tiny barbecue joint in San Bernardino, Calif. operated by two brothers. And it was a failure. Eight years later, the McDonald brothers reopened -- substituting china and silverware for paper wrappers and cardboard cups. Barbecue was out and burgers, fries and shakes were in. Once the brothers partnered with milkshake maven Ray Kroc in the 1950s, business boomed. Kroc later bought the brothers out and went on to grow the company.

Now the company sells 75 hamburgers per second in 31,000 locations across 18 countries.

These photos from the first McDonald's make the Dollar Menu look like the dining choice of the one percent. Back then, cheeseburgers were 19 cents and shakes cost two dimes. The location is now a free of charge museum, complete with a decaying sign, a slew of toys and artifacts and a strange poster where it looks like two employees are pledging their allegiance to the golden arches.

Read more [link to www.huffingtonpost.com]