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Message Subject Do you want the Mormon Church to take over the U.S, Government?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I would not vote for a Mormon as they are NOT Christians. Gordon Hinckley stated 20 some years ago that they are not Christian and do not believe in Jesus as other folk do. Look at their temples for the inverted star or pentagram as most would call it. However you wont find a cross in their “by invitation only” temples. But in order to attract more gullible people to their religion, they had to go more mainstream and again and again change the wording of their Book of Mormon. Review the White Horse Prophesy that states: “…When the constitution is hanging by a thread, the Saints will come in and take over..” It’s not a religion, but a very well-managed, well-orchestrated corporation that really doesnt care about the everyday gullible Mormon. From the Meadows Massacre, “Prophet” Joseph Smith bringing arms against the State of Illinois in Nauvoo in 1838, the morbid temple ritual that was cleaned up, the Danites, Mormons FARMS, the White Salamander murder issue, people need to wake up and see this “religious” corporation for what they really are. Read up on it and investigate it first before voting.
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