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Message Subject Do you want the Mormon Church to take over the U.S, Government?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
my sky-daddy can kick your sky-daddy's ass.
my sky-daddy told me yours wears a dress.
my sky-daddy says it, and it comes to pass.
my sky-daddy says yours takes it in the ass.
my sky-daddy can kick your sky-daddy's ass.

if you worship a deity, you are INSANE. it matters not which one. it matters not denomination. you're a fucking batshit crazy nutbag. i want NONE of you deluded fucking schizophrenes anywhere near government, the military, and most especially "the button". why can my friend who sees "toxic dust" everywhere be forced by the court to receive haldol shots, but you blatant crazies that see "angels" and "demons" get a fucking pass? baker act the devout, and apply the same standard as with others who are disconnected from reality.
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