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Message Subject Do you want the Mormon Church to take over the U.S, Government?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I really hope KARMA takes out Obama and Romney. NEITHER one of them CARE about "YOU". BOTH have been to Bilderberger meetings (Obama in 2008 and Romney in 2012) and that sums it up for ALL of you.

Also, Obama, Clinton and Bush 1&2 need to be arrested and TRIED in front of a WORLD-COURT.

No more presidents taking orders from the Bilderbergers, Rothschild's, Tri-Lateral Commission and Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). No more assholes passing EXECUTIVE orders (THANKS Obama and Bush 2 specifically) to take away freedoms and undermine Congress and the Constitution.

ARREST them. Oh and Obama, for what you and Harper (Canada's Prime Minister) did..>FUCK YOU for "LITERALLY" selling U.S. and Canada to Corporations.

Oh and once last thing..thanks for putting in the very same assholes from Lehman bros, Goldman Sachs and A.I.G. that collapsed the economy in 2008 into GOVERNMENT positions. My favorite...letting the TOP lobbysit and former V.P. from Monsanto work in the FDA...WAY TO GO you NIMROD!
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