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Message Subject Do you want the Mormon Church to take over the U.S, Government?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
OHH MI MI...Jihad..Thanks for sharing your JUDGEMENTS about religions....MORMON SEERS??? Donny Marie Osmond were mormons???just wow...Mormons Hilter synonism??? Just wow..keep it coming...CULTIC behaviors?? Oh the follies of entertainment...KNOCKING DOWN THE INFIDELLS..dill dos...TELL ME MORE..... airing the dirty laundry...I DID GET A CHANCE ONE DAY TO WALK THROUGH ONE OF THE UTAH UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES...TOTAL NEETO...ABOUT 70 PERCENT OF BOOKS WERE ABOUT NURTURING THE BODY..AND LOVING BABIES INTO HEALTHY ADULTS....I LIKED THAT IDEA....MAINSTREAM AMERICAN CULTURE HAS GOTTEN TO SICKO FOR A PERSON TO SUSTAIN
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