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Reptilian People and Buy My Books!

User ID: 7208695
10/06/2012 02:51 PM
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Reptilian People and Buy My Books!
Hello, my name is David Reptilian Icke.

I am going to tell you about how reptilian people are controlling the world. But wait, there's more!
I am also going to tell you about a 'bloodline' of wealthy people who probably are controlling the world... although it's not obvious.

But that's not all! These reptilian people are controlling your thoughts! They're manipulating your mind into not believing in reptilians.
What - you say? YES! The reason you don't believe in the existence of reptilians is not due to the insanity of it - no, it's due to the mind control used upon you.

Being David dIcke, I am a free man. What - you ask again? By the necessity of my nature, I, David dIcke, can not be mind controlled - although my mental illness, schizophrenia, makes me believe that I am being fed thoughts all the time.

Yea, I suffer from schizophrenia. Yea, I make self-contradictory claims. Yea, I am illogical. Yea, I am insane. Yea, I take long breaks when talking to figure out what to say next. Yea, I claimed to be God once... Yea...

But if you buy my books--who're not so cheap--you can get to know all of the world's secrets plus MORE!

The only way to save the world is to buy my books. The world isn't going to save itself, you sheep. Buy my books now or I call you a sheep! Seriously, buy my books or I will cut your throat and rape your dead body.