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What Ioccoca fails to recognize.

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United States
10/06/2012 03:34 PM
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What Ioccoca fails to recognize.
Layers and layers of laws in all states at state level,
smothering small business manufacturing, farming on all
levels of all goods.

Law enforcement that is behaving in all states on all
levels as armed gangs against citizens.

A corrupt judiciary in all states on all levels who back
up law enforcement and toss people into prisons for kickbacks from privately run prisons, regardless of law.

A nation of people who have decided they won't go to jail,
and in order to stay out of it, keep a very low profile.
That said, over 2 million are in prisons, and it's booming business.

MADD was the primary driver of this movement of American citizens into prisons.

Further, states are ramping up into misdemeanors, human behavior that was once off the radar of law enforcement.

In this ramping up, is increasing levels of permits required for human behavior and increasing costs of permits.

IE Want to build a fence on your property? Get a permit.

States are also in the process of making misdemeanors, felonies to get more money for the human behavior.

You need look no further than the judiciary and law enforcement to find the fourth Reich in progress in America.

Coalescing in a neighborhood near you, is the militarization of law enforcement, and everyone in on it, is hoping no one will notice till there is no difference between the military and law enforcement,

at which time, We The People will be in a fight for our lives against the new military of former law enforcement, and former regular military who've learned their skills in Iraq, Afghanistan, and several locations in Africa, completely disassociated from home, family, and American values;

which was the plan all along, formulated by Donald Rumsfeld
for his globalist masters.