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The Puppet Masters Own Your Vote...

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United States
10/06/2012 04:00 PM
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The Puppet Masters Own Your Vote...
For those not fooled by the left and right paradigm, this may not be for you. But...you might want to look at it anyway.

This was actually a response in a different thread, but, I felt that MAYBE it needed to have its own spotlight. I have revised it for a more general audience.

Your worlds are completely immersed with this isn't it? I've noticed that even your humor is sculpted around your hatred for liberals, conservatives, left, right, Obama, Romney...and whomever else suits your neurotic political addictions. Again...For those NOT fooled by the left and right paradigm, ignore this little diatribe, for it does you no good. You've already moved beyond that form of puppeteering.

Neither of these men are worth the time you spend hating them, yet, you seethe with so much vitriol against a purposefully designed "distraction" that you think of nothing else. Collectively, you're like a school of fish who always follow the bait wherever it goes, but, can't see the line attached to the hook...nibbling what bits and pieces you can get. But...I guess its good for the majority of you that "your bark is far bigger than your bite." Otherwise, you might be deemed a threat to the status quo.

Proof: You complain but do NOTHING other than line up with the rest of the sheep so that your assimilation and compliance can be counted with the rest of the herd at the ballot box. -Well DONE GUYS. Its done a "BANG-UP JOB SO FAR." crazy

Romney and Obama are both slaves to the system...nothing more. There is NO difference between them...at all. They're even OWNED by the same special interests. The only thing that would explain your continued compliance is that you truly are products and property of the state in which you have become DEPENDENT. The only persons who are more foolish than the actual liars that they present for us to vote for are those who actually are hypnotized enough to vote for them. Unless of course...one is being payed or compensated for their endeavors. wink

^^^-There won't be too many people admitting to that one though-^^^

For those who AREN'T purposefully shilling for the system and still believe that your votes count...you're playing a game that has a specific design for you to LOSE. I don't know how more apparent this should be, especially considering the same banks are funding each candidate, but...I guess it will take nothing short of Romney or Obama going over to your house, looking you dead in the eye and saying..."I just screwed your wife and took the remaining cash in your account, bought myself some McDonald's, filled up my gas tank, and bought your wife an abortion."

-Was that too descriptive? If it was...sorry. But, maybe you needed a bit of imagery to accelerate your thought processes.- It pains me to see what might be otherwise intelligent people continuing to fall for the same pathetic gambit EVERY SINGLE TIME its presented.
-Every 4 years we vote. Every 4 years things deteriorate from where it was before.- If you can't see that pattern, then your observation skills are null and void.

-You people are literally arguing over "Big Bird." -What the hell is wrong with you? This isn't even on the intellectual level of most cartoons anymore and the collective thought process has degraded to an embarrassing level. If you could only see this from a Universal viewpoint, you'd be astounded as to how ridiculous things have become.-

I wish you were able to see what it is you're promoting. I wish you could understand what it looks like...but, you're simply baiting your own trap.

One day you're all going to need each other to survive...and that's the reason why you won't.

By the way- I fully expect to be vilified for every word of TRUTH that I spoke...assuming this thread reaches an audience AT ALL. I fully expect the rash amounts of negative, red, Karma for attempting to rattle you guys back to reality. I'm sorry...but, arguing about Big Bird and whether he deserves tax breaks and funding has almost reached the desperate levels of "Joe the Plumber" and "Barney."

You guys should be EMBARRASSED that you've let them drop your IQs below their own. THE ELITES ARE NOT ABOVE YOU and its time that Americans stood up and did things THEMSELVES...BUT, If this is what the world wants...GO FOR IT. -As Maynard says..."Learn to Swim."

Last Edited by Serenity777 on 10/06/2012 04:14 PM
watching the "run up" to the elections and the "hopes and dreams" that are built as a result is like watching a dead mouse that is still able to make his exercise wheel go around because his nerves are still twitching that familiar motion...