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Source: Intercessors for America

I am deeply grieved at the state of our nation. In order to see a more perfect Union, I come with a deep sense of humility and desperation to make the following Declaration to Divine Providence and to my fellow man:

I am distressed that we have become a nation that celebrates immorality as entertainment.

I am distraught that we have mortgaged our children's future for todays wants.

I mourn that the followers of Jesus Christ have not led our society.

I am concerned for a generation that is addicted to the next good feeling.

I am troubled that our lives are such that we rarely have the time to think of others.

I am grieved that I have passively watched our leaders legislate ungodly laws.

I will not give up on America. It is time our nation must be restored!

I will battle for this nation daily, wielding the most powerful weapon available: PRAYER.

I will cry out to the Creator recognized by our founders- for righteous leaders, for just laws, for the family, for the unborn, for fiscal responsibility,for the peace of Jerusalem.

I will pray not for the cursing, but rather the blessing of all of our elected officials; that all would know Him and be an instrument in the hand of the Lord.

I will seek and encourage others to pray and act as God moves upon this land.

I will stay informed, so that I might pray more effectively.

I will be a house of prayer for this nation.

This is my battle cry: God can save America!

May His Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven, and may Jesus Christ be Lord of America!
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