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Message Subject SAVING AMERICA THROUGH PRAYER DECLARATION...please participate
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I read you are sinsire about your approach, well done

First i would like to state that, i am not going to write a textwall, you shall be spared for thy textwall.

Now, the battle between the sexes and their obviusly extrapolated gender mismatch.
And the notion of equality on all fronts

Allso the implemented so called, success goal, life goal, or dream, that just kept expanding, everything expanded, an endless circle of aquiring assets, a hectic rat race if you will.

And then, it all became a agression, a kind of uprising against the baloon that just kept gettin bigger and bigger, the material, the plastic and so on, the sad thing allso ruined relationships, as it was the oposite genders fault etc.

To have something people could gather around, xbox or bonfire at the beach? pick one.
But you dont need a xbox at the beach do you?
You have your iphone with a game
Yea maybe play some tetris, its not all bad..
Tetris at the bonfire
And maybe some vine..

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