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Message Subject SAVING AMERICA THROUGH PRAYER DECLARATION...please participate
Poster Handle Luther
Post Content
Why do the Reformed always think we are ancient Israel? That we are a Christian Nation? Christ did not come to establish the USA. Why do the Baptists, Methodists, and the rest of these pietistic leftovers from Calvinism always think that prayer is a Sacrament?

Preach the Good News, dummy!


I am deeply grieved at the state of our nation. [Read your history, this has happened since Caesar, dummy]

In order to see a more perfect Union, [Idealistic and impossible, not to mention irrelevant]

I come with a deep sense of humility [no you dont] and desperation [the faithful in Christ are not desparate] to make the following Declaration to Divine Providence and to my fellow man: [what happened to humility?]

I am distressed that we have become a nation that celebrates immorality as entertainment. [you include the whole nation on this? judgemental!]

I am distraught that we have mortgaged our children's future for todays wants. [Its all about money with you?]

I mourn that the followers of Jesus Christ have not led our society. [Speak for yourself, and yet another judgemental assertion!]

I am concerned for a generation that is addicted to the next good feeling. [so everyone is like this? hasty generalization fallacy]

I am troubled that our lives are such that we rarely have the time to think of others. [again, you pass judgement, "judge not lest ye be judged", actually the USA is one of the most generous nations]

I am grieved that I have passively watched our leaders legislate ungodly laws. [your problem not ours]

I will not give up on America. It is time our nation must be restored! [who cares about you "not giving up?" our nation restored to what? 1950? 1846?]

I will battle for this nation daily, wielding the most powerful weapon available: PRAYER.[Again the Sacramental Prayer of the Bapti-costals, the Lord already knows your prayer even before you say it]

I will cry out to the Creator recognized by our founders- for righteous leaders, for just laws, for the family, for the unborn, for fiscal responsibility,for the peace of Jerusalem. [Creator recognized by our founders, who? the Masonic abomination? Why not use Father, Son and Holy Spirit? that is God's name!, sorry to pop your balloon but leaders will always be sinners, laws are made unjust, finances will always be screwed up, and Jerusalem will always be condemned]

I will pray not for the cursing, but rather the blessing of all of our elected officials; that all would know Him and be an instrument in the hand of the Lord. [They are His instrument already]

I will seek and encourage others to pray and act as God moves upon this land. [so you will bother people until they think all Christians are a bunch of retarded flakes?]

I will stay informed, so that I might pray more effectively.
[Its all about me, me, me - oh I hate those ineffective prayers, don't you?]

I will be a house of prayer for this nation. [I'm a person not a house]

This is my battle cry: God can save America! [I think God is more concerned with saving the sinner than a government of this world. Governments can not be saved, dummy. Only people are saved]

May His Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven, and may Jesus Christ be Lord of America! [I would add Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, so the rest of the Holy Blessed Trinity does not get jealous..]

prayer fail.
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