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Message Subject Realtors, Real Estate Agents
Poster Handle Realtor I am
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I am a Realtor (24 years now). You put all Realtors in the same basket.
MOST mortgage brokers are incompetent, but there are several in my area that I have enormous respect for, as they do a very good job.
MOST of them (not all) tell the prospective buyers that they can definitely get the loan they are seeking. They write "prequalification" letters assuring all of us that they can perform. Four to eight weeks later, they say, "well, I was mistaken...we cannot do this loan." That is why I have my buyers prequalified by competent and capable mortgage lenders who do not make promises they know they cannot perform.
There are good Realtors and there are bad Realtors. There are good mortgage brokers and there are bad ones.
I handle my clients' transactions with the same care that I handle my own.
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