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Message Subject Realtors, Real Estate Agents
Poster Handle cowardlyMe
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Realtors and Real Estate Agents have very little clue in the real value of a property. They cause so many listing to beocme "tired Listings" thus putting the seller in such a bad position they have to sell the house at such a reduced price. I have been in mortgages for 25 years, if anyone client knew just how dumb the realotry they picked, they would be shccked!
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And I must add that anyone who has been in mortgages for 25 years who spells like you must be a piss poor mortgage whatever-you-are.
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Really! From my experience, realtors contributed greatly to the bubble bursting. They encouraged buyers to bid early and often. I know because I was shopping during that time. I saw the same houses increase by 100K in less than a year's time. I knew that something wasn't right and decided to wait. Good thing I did. Unfortunately, my now-hubby didn't and now we're trying to unload a house that we're upside down on. We've paid down a significant part of the mortgage, but in this area, houses aren't selling for much so we're looking at a short sale. Realtors were the ones encouraging buyers to go beyond their means and the bankers made it happen. I hear now that appraisers are being sued. I'd like to also see the realtors get theirs.
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