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Message Subject Ground Under Fukushima Unit 4 is Sinking Now in danger of collapse!!!!
Poster Handle the mighty Atom
Post Content
AC 18073150 ..... YOUR IN DREAM LAND !

AND, your reading comprehension =0 ! The rods are 4-5 stories IN THE AIR, ready to fall on the GROUND, NO WATER to cool same ... = Fire, explosions in about 8 hours, right NEXT TO 1000s of other fuel rods in 'CASKS' that will go TOO!

You'll be dead in less than a year, IF your LUCKY !
 Quoting: THE Professor ! 24513996

I am not AC from Japan but let us see what would happen
in the case that Building would really collapse:
The majority of the Fuel Rods would be still inside the
Cask and inside the Pool,
(The Pool itself is a own separate Part)
because they are deep inside, 4 Meter, of a holding System
(They are not freely floating inside of the Pool)

When the cooling Water is gone it would be refilled
and the Cooling Circle Re-Established,
when the Pool cant hold the Water they would spray the Rods
with a Borium/ Water Melange for 24 Hours Non Stop
until the Rods get moved to the Common spend Fuel-Pool!

The Rods would not start anon to melt and burn,
according to my knowledge this need Time, ca. 48 Hours.

This Time will expand with the spraying of Cooling Water.

The Tepco People even think (Dream?) that the Fuel Rods
can stand "outside" even for a long Time as long as the
Spraying continue.
Maybe this is possible but they will emit a lot of

In Theory every single Pool could collapse in a strong Earthquake!
It is stupid to look only for F'Shima when we have Nuclear Reactors that cant even stand a Mag. 5,5!
We need to switch them off, all of them
but we should start with the most weak and old ones!
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