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Message Subject Ground Under Fukushima Unit 4 is Sinking Now in danger of collapse!!!!
Poster Handle the mighty Atom
Post Content
The geology of the plant site is mudstone or mudrock. Cracks like pottery....

[link to en.wikipedia.org]

Mud rocks, such as mudstone and shale comprise some 65% of all sedimentary rocks. Mudstone looks like hardened clay and, depending upon circumstances under which it was formed, it may show cracks or fissures, like a sun-baked clay deposit.


 Quoting: Waterbug

Bedrock, not Mudstone!
 Quoting: the mighty Atom

We doing this dance again..?
 Quoting: Waterbug

Up to you!
 Quoting: the mighty Atom

In order to build the plant - originally only Unit 1 - the upper sedimentary layers were excavated. These are Quaternary alluvial deposits composed of clay and sand which are friable or semi-hard (green and brown in the cross-section). Thus the plant was built on "mudrock" type sedimentary rock (yellow in the cross-section), which is a muddy rock composed of clay and silt (very fine sand). But the term "muddy" does not mean that the rock is soft. It simply means that it is a rock whose matrix is clay; it is also called "argillite".

Source: [link to fukushima.over-blog.fr]

[link to a34.idata.over-blog.com]
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