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Message Subject Ground Under Fukushima Unit 4 is Sinking Now in danger of collapse!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
all these posts from japanese people are Tepco shills, i can tell you now that japan is doomed, millions are dying and the government is hiding it from everyone.my dad worked at Tepco and he hasn't dissapeared along with my uncle and several people from our nieghbourhood.
They are dead and Tepco is hiding the bodies from us.

when we go to Tepco to ask where they are we are escourted away by thugs.Fukushima has killed millions and millions more will die, california is next, probably all ready slamming them hard, just the government isnt telling anyone.

i even question if the US army is here, i dont think they are becuase americans would question why they are in the worlds most poisonus country.I think the soldiers are somewhere else and this story is being covered up.

everything you read on GLP is the truth, only people outside japan know whats really going, dont trust the japanese posters for they are lying to you about what is really going on in this country, please send help and get the word out.

i fear they are going to trace my I.P. address to this post, and i will be executed, but i cant take it anymore, how many more of us will die, please spread the truth and S.O.S.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25163137

Dude, what fracking messed up alternate reality are you living in?iamwithwtf
Sure this place isn't safe, but most of the time it's safer than downwind in Kaah-li-fornee-ah (as the old governor used to call it)
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