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Aliens: What is Real?

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 24932644
United States
10/07/2012 07:21 PM
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Aliens: What is Real?
We all know there are a million UFO and Alien stories out there... sightings, abductions, government communications and on and on... but what of this is real? Is there a list of related events that are generally considered 'true' by the 'believers' community?

Note: I am not asking what anyone personally believes is true or not, but rather what is generally accepted to be true...
User ID: 1287633
United States
10/07/2012 07:51 PM
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Re: Aliens: What is Real?
here is the problem with your question. Before you even asked it you has a pre-conceived notion of what you believe to be true.

almost every human would say the same thing about aliens. They would say they are "little creatures" from another planet.

the problem is that this lie has so perpetrated our psyche that we simply say it, as if it is fact.

but now you will learn the truth.

what if aliens do not come from a planet at all? What if alien life originated in the deep cold darkness of space and "space" is it's home? What if it feeds off of dark matter or gamma rays and is not limited to a spaceship or even a place? What if it has no body, as you and I think of a body, but it's body or form is actually naturally formless? What is it could take on any form it chose and converted it's energy in any way it desired?. What if time has no meaning to it because in its home there is no such thing as time?

right here on earth, we have creatures that live in both air and water. They breathe in different ways. We have microbes that feed on methane deep under the sea. We have creatures that convert energy into light.. We have animals using sonar and other that are able to create complex chemical reactions. If these life forms came into being on a planet then isn't it possible that one or more formed in space?

so what are aliens? Little men from mars? No! they are beings of energy who call space "home" and can appear in any form they choose.

the bible calls them angels, meaning "messengers".