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Last time to choose...

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 24336064
10/08/2012 05:47 AM
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Last time to choose...
Everything seem to be so fucked up in the world right about now, but still people are talking the talk but acting jack shit.

China pissed with Japan, and big threats and bla bla, Turkey backed by NATO and UN with Syria.....and last but not least Israel against Iran....again it seems to be a lot of nonsense and gibberish, something will happen.

Europe, completely out of the picture because of the economic crisis, and the US watching and hoping for a meltdown to find a way out of there ridicule and absurd own debt......

And we have us as sheep's following and praying not to lose our jobs......or house..........while others pray for surviving another night without being struck by a rocket or hit by a bullet......

Still in your mind while living that single question....when is the shit's going to hit the van???

Were are you actually affraid of at the moment?

Those this all make any sense?

Still thinking one person can make a difference?

What are you voting for really? Better of the worse?

Do you actually know how many die every single minute at the moment by a bullet or rocket?

Speculations about a date is not necessary anymore.

It going to happen.

Deal with it.