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Message Subject A Man Fell into a Hole
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Hi Lisa,

The Precepts of Christ are beautiful.

However, Lisa

If you haven't noticed...

You and the rest of us ARE STILL IN THE HOLE (!)
 Quoting: Being * gnieB

Yes, perhaps physically we are.

But spiritually, some have been pulled out by Jesus, and some remain in the hole.

And the spiritual is the only thing that really matters, not the physical.

 Quoting: Lisa*Lisa

Yes agreed.

So religiously (not necessary physically), the 1st man (Buddhist), the 2nd (Hindu), 3rd (Taoist) & 4th (Moslem) are all correct (as well) given your context of measure, and those that believe them, 'SEE' the 'rope' thrown in those varying ways!
 Quoting: Being * gnieB

Sorry, but no.

There is only ONE faith in which God reaches down to man; there are a hundred faiths in which man attempts to reach God.

The ONE faith in which God reaches down, in fact, comes down to rescue man, is Christianity. Jesus Christ is God.
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