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Message Subject So You Believe Unemployment's 7.8%? Really?? Here's Reality for You.
Poster Handle PravdaDemocrat
Post Content
Take a look at the layoffs announced each day. Take time to look at this everyday and you'll see how bad things really are.

[link to www.dailyjobcuts.com]

Take a look at the TRUE unemployment rate.

[link to www.shadowstats.com]

So what will you believe? The bogus government manufactured number or the reality staring you in the face?
 Quoting: telling it straight

Whats the best part is OP.

People can be out of work, losing their homes/cars.. and they will still believe there is no recession, just a slow recovery.

Now that is impressive.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 7768903

I'm going to be BUSIER THAN HELL for the next 2 1/2 months, starting Monday. Busier than I have been in 3 years. If my equipment holds out, I'll be making a ton of money.
Luckily, I did a major overhaul in Late-May, early July.


My largest customer is PARKING a portion of it's equipment during the Christmas shipping season, normally their busiest time of the year, and cutting back on holiday hires, due to the slowing economy.

My smaller, cheaper-to-operate equipment gives them more flexibility, at a lower cost. They just don't think the volumes are going to be there to justify the increase in lift. And they are acting accordingly.

Of course, this won't be making the headlines on MSNBC/NBC/CNN/ABC/CBS/NPR/E! or much of the rest of the Mainstream media, because it might make THE GAY MESSIAH look bad.
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