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Message Subject So You Believe Unemployment's 7.8%? Really?? Here's Reality for You.
Poster Handle Ohwell
Post Content

I actually lost my job working for the Obama campaign in 2008. I became a Field Organizer, and when I came back in January 2009 that job was gone.

I was 25.

In these 4 years I have grown... a lot.

Life is very difficult. My jobs are menial and my last one was Subway in June. Since June, I have not been able to find a job. I have been to about two interviews a week. WAIT, I had a cleaning job - right - I did. But, I don't have a car. So after a few weeks they said they didn't need me to 'buddy up' etc etc.

I had an interview today, Pool cleaning gig. Guy said he got 44 responses in one day off the Paper for a $8 an hr 40 hr a week job. I meet him Wednesday.

I do not get government aide... not because I don't want too. But because it's gone, gone like a fright train - gone like the a 59 cadilliac - like all the good things - that ain't ever coming back.

So. I'm considered one of those "Not Reported" numbers.

My landlady has been super nice to me for months... but she told me Saturday I gotta go. Tuesday. That's tomorrow.

Now, mind you, I'm a good looking, 28 year old, healthy non-smoking young male. Sure, I've got some past demons - no car - but I go to the gym every day, smart about what I eat -- extremely intelligent.

I have no idea where I'm going tomorrow....

Maybe the salvation army?

It's scary. I'm very scared. I haven't had money in weeks. When I do 'hustle' money (like painting curbs... heh) it goes to cellphone bill, food... and yeah, cellphone and food.

I'm scared as hell.

I do not have a college degree.

I'm a handyman, I can fix anything - work hard...

I'm so scared.

I don't know what to do.

People like me are perfect tools in revolutions.

 Quoting: Diluted 24191598

Sorry about your situation. But out of curiosity, who would you vote for between Romney and Obama?
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