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Message Subject So You Believe Unemployment's 7.8%? Really?? Here's Reality for You.
Poster Handle juju
Post Content
As a former business owner of 10 years, I can tell you that there won't be any hiring new people any time soon. The States are broke. They harass small business owners and even create new Depts to impose a new tax for that new Dept. If you fall one month behind on payments they will call you everyday and seize your checking account. Even if no unemployment claim has been filed, you as a small business owner will get a monthly bill. Fact

If you even think about falling behind on payroll taxes, it gives them the right to seize your business and your personal assets as well as your house. Everyone is desperate to find work, and the only ones who make money are the ones collecting taxes. I will never ever own a business again. Lesson learned. Now all 8 employees of 10 years are unemployed and on unemployment and welfare. That $800 tax I couldn't pay just to keep doors open, is the last they will ever see from me. Now my tax attorney will get the remaining of what is left of me. Hope it was worth it. Another middle class person falls victim of their mess they created. Now I am poverty level with zero hope. Oh and I can't wait till Obama Care kicks in. The entire middle class will finally be wiped out. Its a snatch and grab mentality. You fall, they come in and take everything you have then move on to the next victim. All the while they give raises and bonuses as rewards for collecting the tax.
If you work, make money, own a house, then you are a target. Period
 Quoting: Back From the Future 25086117

I'm very sorry this happened to you. Believe me I feel what you're feeling. A few years ago I started a business. We had elections and a local tax was passed mostly by people who do not work but who would benefit.I could see the writing on the wall and so I closed the doors. I only employed 5 people but had been seriously thinking about opening another store when that tax was passed. I thought screw it. I let the employees go even though it tore me up to do this. Good luck to you.

I would like to know how many people have lost their current health insurance through their work lately?

I know almost everybody i know, including us, has had their health insurance skyrocket at work, some having to give it up completely because they could not afford it anymore..and this is all in the last year and a half.

So what is Obama talking about when he says his new Obamacare will not hurt anyone who currently has health coverage..Dam it! It already has!

Many, many people are now paying much bigger premiums to their health insurers and this is all because of Obamanomics.

Also, I think everyone knows Obama is lying through his teeth, hell just go out and look at your local malls and see how many business's have shut down in the last 3 years..people out of work everywhere.

He is lying so he can make it look like he has actually helped this country...but he is one of the main reasons it is like it is.

Get rid of this cancer called Obama..before the U.S. goes terminal, vote Romney.
 Quoting: PolarPrecursor

My husband has a medical savings plan through his work. It was around $5500. Now, anything over $2500 will be taxed. So, what do you do? Keep the savings plan and get taxed or have that money paid through wages instead and get taxed? Either way we definitely won't be better off tan we were 4 years ago.

I watched an interview with Donald Trump on TV last night and he said the REAL unemployment number is.....


He also said that 42% of Americans are either unemployed or underemployed. Makes sense if you consider the boomers which make up the largest part of the American population are leaving the work force in record number.

Have fun with that!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24537487

I really do think that Trump's numbers are correct or very close. On other sites I belong to there are still people almost daily stating that either they or a family member has been let go. The only place unemployment is 7.8% is in Fantasyland.
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