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Message Subject So You Believe Unemployment's 7.8%? Really?? Here's Reality for You.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I'm really starting to wonder if all the "jobs" they post on the Washington State Worksource website, even exist. It's really starting to seem like they just post these fake jobs to give people hope. I'm not writing to get people to feel sorry for me, or to hear you say "well get off your ass and go get a job"....I'm not lazy, i'm not obese and i dont sit around all day eating mcdonalds, the only "help" i get is unemployment, which i get my last check tomorrow, and after taxes is $202. Yes more then some, but in this state, not enough to get a place. I gotta move out of the house i've been staying in tomorrow, and it's time to do some couch surfing, although not what i wanted at 27, at least i do have a fcool2ew friends that care. My heart really does go out to all the people that have lost their jobs and then everything else, this economy and country is shit, and getting worse.
It is also angering when i bring up the real unemployment number to people and they respond with "actually it's getting better ever since Obama has been in office, and if he wins again, i'm sure it will all turn around".....and other unemployed ppl respond with that answer....smfh
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